Basta, the du Breuil stud’s foundation broodmare originates from the same bloodline as Malika Fontenay, who foaled Gr.1 PA winners: Darike, Chndaka, who are themselves sires of Gr. 1 PA winners, and as Unchained Melody, dam of Gr.1 PA winners Mizzna, Munjiz (leading sire), Gabra, Silver Zahatif (winner French Endurance Championship 120 km at Monpazier in 2003).

  The du Breuil stud breeds pure-bred Arabian horses for sports (flat racing and competitive endurance focus) in a high-quality environment with passion, precision and know-how. The horses are bred semi-extensively over more than twenty hectares, and are broken in, in situ, using a lake (“aquatraining” see this link).

 The broodmares are covered by stallions of French origin: Djelfor, Djouras Tu, Tidjani, Kesberoy, Dormane, Dunixi, Kador du Bournais, Munjiz, Mahabb, Monsieur al Maury, Divamer, No Risk Al Maury, Jaafer, Josco du Cayrou, Al Mamum Monlau.

 The stud breeds sturdy horses, given supplements according to their needs and the season, fed with traditional natural corn and first-rate local produced hay. The pelleted concentrates are supplied by Baileys (Royal Oats).

 The horses are frequently handled from an early age with individual care (equine dentist, farrier, osteopathy); they are de-wormed by performing fecal exams.

 The stud is located in the middle of France, in an original and recognized breeding area : the Berry Limousin, 300 km south of Paris (via the A20 highway).